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Your Intimate Freedom

Overcome sex related issues with the help of hypnosis 

Are you dealing with problems of guilt, shame, trauma, sexual disfunction, communication, lacking or limited pleasure, male issues, female issues, LGBTQ issues, kinky issues? Call me, I can help!!


About me

I am a certified hypnotist with IHF and the AAH, a certified hypnotherapist with JHA, a certified life and success coach, and I specialize in Sexual Freedom Hypnosis®. I offer my clients a safe space and the tools they need to overcome their challenges and improve their lives. No issue is too big or too embarrassing. The only thing you won't find here is judgment. I work online: no matter where you are in the world, I am always just one click away!

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What I do

I help with:
Testosterone deficiency
Ejaculatory Issues
Erectile dysfunction
Vaginal dryness
Post birth issues
Intimacy issues
Lack of libido
Lack of arousal
Sex and ageing
Sexual confidence
Embracing sensuality
Sexual anxiety
Problems with porn
Overcoming sexual hang-ups
LGBTQ+ issues
Confidence to come out
Sexual Identity issues
Transgender issues
Transvestite issues
Kink friendly hypnotherapy
What is Kink
What is a fetish and when is it a problem?



Consultation call (15 minutes): Free

Hypnosis session (60-90 minutes): $250

3 sessions package: $650

6 sessions package: $1250

A note of caution: I do not offer refunds.

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"I have been having a lot of pain over the last few months, joint pain, stomach pain, chest pain, stress I think... anyway, after your session it all disappeared, still not there! Whatever shifted in that session was very profound and fundamental."




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